LPAM Low Power 100 Milliwatt AM Radio Station


The TransAM-100 Outdoor Low Power AM Transmitter Is The Finest On The Market
No "Legal" Transmitter Broadcasts Farther Or Cleaner Than The TransAM-100

Average Broadcast Range  1 -  2+ Miles
Depending upon Antenna Height, Surrounding Terrain, Quality of Ground Conduction and Soil Composition
The Radio Station Assigned To This Talking-Billboards Sign Reaches 3-4 miles
You're Listening To a Sample of an Actual Billboard Radio Broadcast
From the
Multiple TransAM-100 Radio Stations are used as a very
economical "TIS" Travelers Information Station System
Saving South Bay Exway many thousands of dollars

South Bay Expressway Authority
San Diego, California

Typical Rooftop Mount Fixed Installation

A simple removable installation on a flat roof.   This type of rooftop installation can be quickly removed in cases where 24 hour a day broadcasting is not necessary
The TransAM-100 can be seen "Line of Sight".  Elevated installations with as few obstructions as possible always get much better range and a much cleaner signal


ADDITIONAL Recommended Components

The TransAM-100is an LPAM "Commercial Grade" Low Power AM Radio Station which pumps out a full 100 Milliwatts of FCC approved power. It comes fully assembled and requires about (1) hour to connect the components and to tune properly. We generally market the TransAM-100 with all recommended options included as a package The only option that we do not market is a weatherproof NEMA type enclosure which is used to house your electronics in outdoor environments when a secure building installation is not possible. It is possible to order the TransAM-100™ installed inside a larger enclosure to accomodate select digital announcers used to store the audio programming. Everything we supply is of the highest quality including the state-of-the-art fully adjustable and regulated DC power supply with dual liquid crystal displays showing the Voltage and Current.

Mounting Bracket        

TransAm-100 Outdoor/Weatherproof AM Transmitter
Adjustable 120VAC-18VDC @0-2A Regulated DC Power Supply
Custom Mounting Bracket Pre-Drilled
100f DIP Switch Frequency Selection Module
100t Combination Tuning/Power  Module w/ dual purpose LED Indicator
Analogue Multi-Meter Required for Tuning
BAA100  Balanced Audio Adapter for Non-XLR Equipment
100' Combination (4) Wire Power/Audio Cable
8.5' Antenna  STAINLESS STEEL WHIP  (Freight Separate)
Oversized 8.5' Antenna Freight
Basic System Freight (Not Including Antenna)
Regulated Power Supply Freight


Components Listed above are only major components
Average Cost of Radio Station with Self-Installation                     $2,200 -  $2,700
Additional components include 8' ground rod(s),  ground wire and connections
Optional components include Digital Audio Announcer and Surge Protector
Optional components include NEMA  Weather-Proof Electronics Box
All prices subject to change

Specifications for TransAM-100

Low Power 100mW AM Radio Station

Part 15 FCC Type Accepted/Approved, fully-legal
Max Allowed Power Output:
100 milliwatts
Antenna length:
102”     (8.5')
Antenna and Ground Leads:
Maximum Combined length,  3 meters (9.8')
Frequency Range:
530Khz - 1720 Khz crystal controlled
50 PPM  (.005%)
-20DB to -40DB
Audio Input:
Audio Frequency Response :
40 Hz - 20 Khz
Enclosure Type:
Weather Resistant Fiberglass
Enclosure Size:
4.5” x 8.5” x 3”
102” (8.5') Steel Whip  (3/8-inch-24 thread)
Power Input:
12 VDC - 16 VDC Wall Transformer, Supplied
Volt Ohm Meter and calculator required for tune up

A Few Talking-Billboards  Rado Stations Across The USA
Colleges and Universities
Real Estate Developers

These files have reduced quality to allow for faster sampling




Talking-Billboards™.com Radio
"Low Power AM Radio Advertising"
 has numerous applications

Where Can They be Used?

Air Show and Automobile Races - Invite your audience to listen to the announced program on walkman's or radios tuned to your own frequency.
Apartments/Condos - Do you need to advertise vacancies? Why not transmit your message. You can provide information or frequently asked questions about a unit thus eliminating your phone line being tied up.
Auto Dealerships - Advertise car specials continuously and service information.  Ofer a discount for mentioning your advertisement.
Campgrounds - Broadcast messages about campsite availability, activities, where to go for nature hikes, firewood etc. Use co-op advertising from area businesses to generate a positive cash flow. Fees for camping can be broadcast. Reduce the cost of preparing new signs or flyers when prices change. Directions to areas within the campground can be given. Messages can be left with campers after hours when office is not open. Keeping campers informed will make them want to come back again!
Churches - Provide indoor ADA listening environment and outdoor or Drive-In Services. People can enjoy the sound with their AM walkman or car stereo.
Community/Special Events - Is your town or community having a special event? Keep people informed of what's happening and where. Change your message as often as you like. Make your sign into a Talking-Billboard.             A 30 second message can say more and its much easier to change.
Drive-In Theaters - Broadcast the movie's audio symultaneously over car radios.
Employee News - Want to save on paper costs? Decrease all those memos going out with your employees & set up your own private radio station so your employees can hear what's happening day by day.
Parking Lots in Front of Businesses - Businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, malls etc. can advertise in-store specials or specials that only happen if they tune to your radio station. Generate positive cash flow by selling advertising time on your radio station to local businesses.
Real Estate - Capture your drive-by audience by letting your transmitter project a message about the features of a property or let them know of any additional services you provide through your company. It's Open House Radio!

Schools - Introducing PTA Radio... With your own radio station you can let the parents know of any important information or activities planned while students are being picked up or when parents are driving by any time during the day or night. Saves on flyers that disappear from knapsacks, lunch pails etc. Also, let students run their own radio club.Generate positive cash flow by selling advertising time on your radio station to local businesses.

Stadiums - Broadcast the events or play by play in different languages.

Tourist Sites - Invite people to listen to the attraction(s) offered at your site. After hours messages can be broadcasted as to when you are open and any highlights.

Retail Stores/Shopping Centers
Tourist Attractions
Bank ATM's/Teller Drive Thru's
Restaurants/Drive Thru Fast Food
Country Clubs/Golf Courses
Automobile Dealerships
Car Rentals
Race Tracks
Home Owner Associations
Parking Lots
Rest Areas/Parks
Gas Stations/Tuneup/Lube Centers
Car Washes
Airports/Bus/Train Terminals
Highway Tool Booths/Draw Bridges
Highway Advisory Radio

All of our DriveThruRadio™.com FM Radio Stations are FCC Approved
All of our™.com AM Radio Stations are FCC Approved
Do Not Purchase Non-FCC-Approved Radio Stations
Several States Have Made It A Criminal Offense
To Broadcast With "PIRATE" Radio Equipment
What does the FCC say about penalties
for operation of unlicensed equipment?

The Commission considers unauthorized broadcast operation to be a serious matter. Presently, the maximum penalty for operating an unlicensed or "pirate" broadcast station (one which is not permitted under Part 15 or is not a Carrier Current Station) is set at $10,000 for a single violation or a single day of operation, up to a total maximum amount of $75,000. Adjustments may be made upwards or downwards depending on the circumstances involved. Equipment used for an unauthorized operation may also be confiscated.

There are also criminal penalties (fine and/or imprisonment) for "willfully and knowingly" operating a radio station without a license.       DON'T DO IT!

Using Non-FCC Approved Equipment
in New Jersey and Florida is now a CRIME

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