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Does your On-Hold program look like this?

"When your caller
                                is On-Hold
                                                    your business
                                                                               is On-The-Line."

94% of all advertising budgets are spent to induce phone calls, while only...

 4% is spent to handle the new calls.

88% of all callers surveyed preferred message recordings to radio or silence.

70% of all business callers are put ON HOLD.

60% of all callers left unattended hang up.

This information courtesy of AT&T.

Your telephone plays a large part in how your business is perceived. Tele•Hold™ is an innovative marketing and public relations tool that creates a positive image for your business. With Tele•Hold™, you can join the thousands of companies that use custom on-hold advertising to keep their callers informed, entertained and "On-The-Line."

Tele•Hold™ is customized audio programming consisting of licensed music mixed with creative and professionally narrated messages for your telephone's on hold lines.

Your custom announcements are played through the phone lines using our state of the art digital announcers.

BENEFITS of Tele•Hold

Extended Caller hold times
Decreased caller "hang-ups"
Increased Sales and inquiries
Promotes products and services
Provides support for ad campaigns
Answers frequently asked questions
Provides customer service messages
Keeps callers interested and occupied

Playing the radio over the telephone without paying expensive ASCAP/BMI fees is copyright infringement and it's illegal.

Tele•Hold™ is one of the most cost effective advertising techniques available.

Most businesses place 70% of their callers "On-Hold."

"On-Hold" time averages 45 seconds per call and 80% of all callers will hang up before they listen to a whole minute of silence.

Tele•Hold™... The Right Choice

Our years in the audio productions industry, coupled with studio expertise and creative copy writing make Tele•Hold™
the right choice to provide your firm with a customized Message-On-Hold service.

Why Tele•Hold™?

Seven out of ten callers are put on hold for 30 seconds or even longer.  If your business receives 100 phone calls per day,
for 260 business days a year, your customers are on hold an amazing 218 hours a year.

How do YOU feel being left on hold?
What would you rather listen to?

Lets look at the choices.

SILENCE...   Callers wonder if they're still connected or if they've been forgotten about.  Six out of ten callers left in silence will hang up...      That's 60% of your customers! They may then call your competitor!      Silence is not an option!

Playing the Radio.  It's Free, Right?..........WRONG!

Many businesses play the radio through their on-hold lines and they're breaking the law... Just as it is illegal for Napster to market in copywrited music without paying the necessary royalties and fees, playing the radio through your  on-hold also requires the payment of royalties to ASCAP & BMI.  Besides, how many of your competitors use local radio advertising to promote their business?  Is that what you want your callers to hear, ads from your local competitors?

Elevator Music

Music only formats DO NOT provide any marketing benefits
and they often cost more than Tele•Hold™.

Employee Produced Announcements

It's cost effective... or is it ???   Home made recordings sound just that...home made. A professionally produced
Tele•Hold™ production will improve customer service levels and lengthen on-hold retention times. Tele•Hold™
productions let you inform and entertain your callers creating the "illusion" of shortened on-hold time. Tele•Hold™
can really mean the difference in your callers' attitudes and a difference in your business' bottom line.

Tele•Hold Services Include:
Standard audio productions 4, 6 minutes*
Professional male/female voice talents
Flash drive memory to digital memory downloaders
CD ROM to digital memory downloaders
Cassette to digital memory downloaders
Wide selection of background music
Client consultation throughout
Studio mixing/production
Script approval by client
Creative copy writing
* Tele-Hold productions can be ordered in any length.

Tele•Hold™ Production Process Includes:
You complete the script development worksheet.
You provide us with written information about your business. (i.e. print ads, brochures, etc.)
Send the information by mail,  fax  or E-mail it for faster turnaround.
We will create a concisely written script utilizing your information.
We then fax or E-mail the completed script to you for your final approval.
All Tele•Hold™ programs will be shipped to you within 10-14 working days.
We will notify you prior to each production's expiration.
Tele•Hold™ requires a digital audio announcer.

Don't let customer
put your business

When you say "Please Hold"
Say it with Tele•Hold

(4) Minute MOH Production  $199.00
(6) Minute MOH Production  $289.00


MP3 Thumb Drive DAR (Regulary $269.00)
(4) Minute Production (Regularly $199.00)

SAVE $29.00

ONLY $439

Includes your choice of music & single male or female voice talent

NOTE: MOH Talents are different from our radio talent

Radio Talent will read MOH scripts for the posted rates.


Don't have Message On-Hold Capability?

Now it's easy!

Our Most Economical Way To Add On-Hold Capability To Your Phone System

Hold Station
Push Button MOH Activator

The Hold Station is a state-of-the-art Message-On-Hold adapter capable of allowing the user to place up to two callers on-hold. An external audio source can be connected to the adapterRCA jack input to keep callers entertained and informed of your products or services. This system is specifically designed for the SOHO (Small Office Home Office) environment where up to two lines on a single phone are supported.

Placing a caller on hold is simple, just press the appropriate Hold Station line button on the adapter and the caller is instantly placed on hold. The handset then can be placed back on the cradle or another line can be accessed. While the caller is holding an audio source such as a digital message repeater can be fed into the adapter allowing the caller on hold to be entertained or informed about your products or services. While the caller is on hold a blue LED light above the line number will glow.

The Hold Station is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and it comes with all the necessary audio and telephone cables to allow the system to be easily connected. The modern design and added functionality make this a great addition to any two-line office phone.        Requires External Audio Input

The Hold Station Message-On-Hold Adapter includes:

RCA input for Message On-Hold Digital Announcer Modular connections
Place up to 2 callers on-hold
Large easy-to-push buttons
Blue LED status indicators
Durable high-impact plastic case
Custom emblem area
All cables included
Two-Line Capability - adds Message-On-Hold capability to up to two incoming lines.
Works with any single or multi-line phone .
YOUR COST:     $69.00


Another Economical Way To Add On-Hold Capability To Your Phone System

MOH Conductor
Star Key MOH Activator

                                                Multi-Line MOH Adaptor (Uses the * Key to place callers on hold)

The MOH Conductor is the universal solution for adding on-hold audio to standard, corded single and multi-line phones as well as the popular, new cordless multi-line/multi-handset phones.

Works On "All" Phone Extensions In Your Home or Office

The MOH Conductor is designed to work with all telephone extensions in your home or small office environment...even cordless phones. Only one MOH Conductor is required no matter how many phone set extensions you have.

Message-On-Hold is activated from any phone by pressing ** on the telephone keypad.

To release the hold condition, just pick up any phone extension on the line which is holding.

Key Features:

Star-Key Function - Message-On-Hold can be activated by pressing ** on the telephone keypad. Adds music-on-hold feature to any phone set extension...even cordless phones!
Four-Line Capability - adds Message-On-Hold capability to up to four incoming lines and any number of phone set extensions.
Works with any phone - adds on-hold audio capability to any standard single or multi-line phone.


MOH 500e
(4) Line Music On-Hold Adaptor Only
Uses The Hold/Flash Button
Provides On-Hold Capability Only...


The easiest way to connect an external audio source to a multi-line phone system! Add on-hold audio capability to ordinary single or multi-line phones...for real! For years, what has been the "Holy Grail" of on-hold audio technology is now an affordable reality for any size business.

The MOH 500e works with virtually all single and multi-line phones, and the new non-KSU corded and cordless phone systems (cordless systems require use of a head set). Just one unit provides Message-On-Hold capability on one to four lines and up to 16 different phone extensions. All you need to do is add your own audio source like a CD player , an MP3 player or other type of digital on-hold audio player.

The MOH 500e works just like the on-hold audio feature on big, expensive, PBX and KEY phone systems. Just push the HOLD button on any extension and the MOH 500e grabs the line and plays on-hold audio to it*. To release the on-hold condition, just pick up any phone extension. It's that simple. Connection is similar to connecting a telephone answering machine, so installation is essentially plug and play.

So, if you’re looking for a great way to sound like the big guys, the MOH 500e is the product for you!

NOTE: The MOH500e only provides you with On-Hold capability. A Message-On-Hold audio source is still required.


Analog Phone Capability
Adds true "hold button" on-hold audio activation to ordinary analog and KSU-less phones.
Line interface: 4 RJ-11 phone jacks
Audio in: 3.5mm mini jack
Power: 2.5mm power jack
1 to 4 analog lines
1 to 16 phone extensions
9VDC @300mA
Source 110VAC, 60Hz UL/CSA power pack
Size: 6.5" x 5.25" x 1.25" (LWD)
Weight: 2 lb

Key Features:

Adds true "hold button" on-hold audio activation to ordinary analog and KSU-less phones (requires TEHMA).
Can be used with virtually any external audio source (CD, MP3 or digital on-hold player)
Works with virtually all ordinary multi-line analog phones and popular Non-KSU phone systems
Easy to install
One unit handles one to four incoming lines and 16 different phone extensions
Non-TEHMA on-hold audio activation by pressing ** on any phone extension

The MOH 500e includes:

MOH 500e Unit - digital on-hold music adapter

(2) TEHMAs

(2) 6' Phone line cords
(2) "T" Adapters
(1) Audio Cable (RCA to RCA

AC adapter (110VAC)

User Manual
TEHMA  $19.95

Additional Telephone Extension Hold Music Activators for use with the MOH 500e Connect one to each phone in your office for "true hold button activaton" of on-hold audio.

NOTE: Two TEMHA activators are included with each MOH 500e unit, order additional activators if needed.


MP3 On-Hold System
Message On-Hold Adaptor... AND... Digital Player Combination
Uses The Hold/Flash Button on your business telepnone's handset
Generic On-Hold Message supplied... FREE
Loads Your Message (3) Ways, USB, CD, SD Flash Card

Music On Hold w/ CD Player for Non PBX Systems       THE ULTIMATE (4) LINE MESSAGE-ON-HOLD SYSTEM

Truly the ULTIMATE in on-hold audio, the MOH7500 can literally handle almost anything you throw at it. Whether you have your on-hold messages on an audio CD, MP3 CD, SD memory card, or on your PC, this system can do it all. And, like all of our other systems, it’s very easy to use!

Adds true "hold button" hold-music-activation to standard analog and KSU-less telephones with up to 4 lines
Can handle up to 50 station sets. Works with all types of phones (even cordless)
Integrated analog adapter module
Plays on hold audio on an regular audio CD, MP3 encoded CD, SD memory card, or on your PC
Easy to use (just drop in an audio or MP3 encoded CD, close the lid, and the 7000 series player spins up the disc and records it into the unit's built-in 128MB of digital flash memory)
Select a specific track or play all tracks in memory
128MB Digital flash memory (173 minutes)
SD Secure Digital card slot (1GB SD card can add 70 hours)
Integrated CD mechanism
CD Autoload (drop in a CD with a single track, close the lid, and the unit automatically records the content)
USB Connection
Auto-start after power loss
6-Line LCD control panel (displays ID-3 tags)
Built-In monitor speaker
Wall mountable
High sound quality (transfers audio from the integrated CD drive to flash memory at a bit rate of 98kbps.
When files are loaded to the flash memory directly, the 7500 can handle better than CD quality files at a bitrate up togh as 196
KBPS and sample rate of 48kHz. Fantastic sound quality can be achieved at a bitrate of 32kbps and a 32K sampling rate for
MP3 and a 20k sampling rate for WMA.)
Input integrated CD drive
SD memory card slot
Playback capacity: audio CD 80 minutes, MP3 CD, 480 minutes, internal memory up to 128 MB (480 minutes at 32 kbps
@ 32K rate), SD card up to 1 GB (4000 minutes at 32 kbps @ 32K rate)
Controls: play/stop, select (up/down), menu, volume (up/down), repeat mode (one/all/shuffle)
Displays playback mode (play/stop), repeat mode (one/all/shuffle), volume setting, internal memory (on-board), external memory (SD card), ID3 tag, running time of track and total track length, track number playing and total # of tracks stored
3 Year manufacturer's warranty
Box dimensions: 13.5"L x 12"W x 4"D

The MOH7500 works with virtually all analog and popular KSU-less phones.

NOTE: The MOH7500 also includes two hold music activators that provide "true" hold button activation of your on-hold audio when connected to the handset cord of each phone.  Order additional activators below, if needed.


Built-In Analog Phone Adapter Module - Add music-on-hold to conventional analog and KSU-less telephones with up to 4 lines and 50 station sets. Works with all types of phones... even cordless.
Digital Flash Memory - 128MB of on-board flash memory stores over 480 minutes (sampled at 32kbps) of awesome sounding content.
Additional Secure Digital card (not included) can add over 70 hours of content for continuous playback (1GB SD card). Integrated CD Mechanism.
Quickly and easily record high quality audio from an Audio CD or MP3 CD. CD media is easy and
      inexpensive to duplicate and distribute.
CD Autoload - drop in a CD with a single track, close the lid, and the unit automatically records the content.
USB Connection - Connect to your PC via USB to add new content or update firmware.
PC Connection...strictly optional - Unit uses PC only to update content stored in flash memory. Updated content can optionally be added by copying an MP3 or WMA audio file to a Secure Digital (SD) card without the unit ever being connected to a PC or network.
Auto-start after Power Loss - If power to the unit is lost, unit immediately returns to continuous playback with all settings without human intervention.
LCD Control Panel - 6-line backlit LCD panel displays ID-3 tags with descriptive names of tracks for easy identification and selection. Display also shows a variety of important information so user can choose playback preferences and easily determine unit's operational status.
Built-In Monitor Speaker - Allows user to monitor sound with the flip of a switch.
Wall-Mountable - Unit can be mounted, played and recorded in a vertical position.


TEHMA  $19.95

Additional Telephone Extension Hold Music Activators for use with the MOH65000. Connect one to each phone in your office for "true hold button activaton" of on-hold audio.

NOTE: Two TEMHA activators are included with each MOH7500 unit, order additional activators if needed.


MP3 On-Hold System
Message On-Hold Adaptor... AND... Digital Player Combination
Uses The Hold/Flash Button on your business telepnone's handset
Generic On-Hold Message supplied... FREE
Loads Your Message (2) Ways, USB, SD Flash Card
One of our Our Best Sellers

Digital Music On-Hold Adaptor AND Digital Player

LCD 6-line backlit display (displays ID-3 tags with descriptive names of tracks for easy identification and selection)
Built in flash memory: 64mb
Expansion memory: SD Card Slot
Built-in analog phone adapter module (compatible with non-PBX/analog telephones, up to 4 lines by 50 stations, even cordless phones)
Includes telephone extension hold music activators (TEHMAs) for two phone extensions, additional TEHMAs sold separately,
can work on 4 lines, p to 50 extensions
directly to the unitA's on-board memory, to an SD card, or upload to a server for a network update)
Pre-loaded with several files containing great sounding music mixed with intermittent "thanks for holding" messages
Input: USB port
Supported audio standards: MP3 and Microsoft WindowsA(R) Media (WMA) digital music
Includes built-in monitoring speaker
Sound quality: 6000 can play better than CD quality files at a bitrate of high as 196 KBPS and sample rate of 48kHz
Fantastic sound quality can be achieved at a bitrate of 32kbps and a 32K sampling rate for MP3 and a 20k sampling rate for
WMA (Windows Media Audio)
ID-3 tag support
Supported bit rates: 32/196kbps
External SD card slot (card not included)
Interface: USB 1.1
Playback modes: repeat one, repeat all, repeat all shuffle
Audio output mode: mono (analog)
Firmware upgradeable via USB or web connection
Interface devices: USB port, RCA audio output, 2.5mm power jack
Sample rate: 8 kHz
Audio out: RCA jack (2 RJ-11 phone jacks, Model MOH6500 only)
Minimum operating system (required only if loading audio directly to player via USB connection): Windows - 98, 98 ME & SE,
2000, XP/Mac - OS 9.0.4 or later, OS X 10.1 or later
USB port
Skip up/down
Repeat mode
Output: 8 ohm, 4 volts peak to peak; 600 ohm, 8 volts peak to peak
Includes audio cables
Includes AC adapter
Includes USB cable
Monitor speaker on/off
Volume up/down
Power: 2.5mm power jack
Power on/off
Power: 9VDC @500mA/Source: 110VAC, 60Hz UL/CSA power pack
Dimensions: 9" x 7" x 2.25"
Weight: 3 lbs
Wall mountable
3 Year manufacturer's warranty
Generic recording customization is done at no charge (adding the company name to a generic recording)
Customized professional recordings are done for a fee

TEHMA  $19.95

Additional Telephone Extension Hold Music Activators for use with the MOH65000. Connect one to each phone in your office for "true hold button activaton" of on-hold audio.

NOTE: Two TEMHA activators are included with each MOH6500 unit, order additional activators if needed.


MP3 THUMB-DRIVE/Commercial Grade MP3 Player

The MP3 Thumbdrive Player is a state-of-the-art digital audio playback device designed to provide a continuous-play audio source for Message On-Hold, background music, or any other audio application where high-quality audio playback is required. Messages are stored on industry standard USB flash drives from 16MB up to 4GB. The MP3 Thumbdrive Player is capable of MP3 file playback from 8Kbps all the way up to full CD-quality audio playback of 128Kbps.

Audio content is easily managed by plugging the USB flash/thumb drive into a PC or MAC computer’s USB port and “dragging and dropping” MP3 files to and from the drive.

The MP3 Thumbdrive Player is also available with the next generation encryption software called Sonocrypt Level 3. This version of Sonocrypt encrypts the file itself making the MP3 file unplayable anywhere except on the Messager USB. This makes the distribution of music and messaging safe, secure, and ensures against unauthorized substitution of your message.


32MB Flash Drive included...FREE
Plays MP3 files from USB Flash Drive
Up to 4 GB Flash Drives supported
No drivers or special software needed
Playback quality up to 128Kbps
Store up to 1024 messages
Continuous playback
Built-in monitor speaker
Sonocrypt Level 3 encryption (optional)
LED status indicator
Exceptional dealer support
$ 269.00fob

CF PLAYER/Commercial Grade MP3 Player

The CF Player™ is an MP3/WAV player designed specifically for broadcasting a continuous audio announcement.  With its true CD sound quality and smaller MP3 file size, the CF Player™ can also be used to broadcast a large amount of crystal clear audio via a PA system (storecasting), through a Telephone's Message-On-Hold System and through Autmated Advertising's low power AM/FM radio stations.

Digital sound files created in a recording studio or on a computer can be easily and quickly copied directly onto a standard CompactFlash Card without the need for any conversion or re-digitization. Therefore, the sound quality is preserved 100% as compared to the original. At the end user's site, the CompactFlash Card is simply inserted into the CF Player and the unit is ready to continuously play your messages. Absolutely no downloading is needed.

The CF Player is directly compatible with the industrial standard MP3 and WAV formats, which means that virtually any PC can be used to create and edit the sound files. A CompactFlash Card reader is used to copy one or more sound files to the card, and a particular file can be selected by pressing a button on the unit. This feature permits you to store multiple messages on the card and utilize them as required.


*  True CD sound quality
*  Designed to broadcast continuous audio for any repeating message applications
*  Supports both MP3 and WAV file formats
*  Stores up to 99 tracks on a single flash card
*  Tracks individually selected via a push button
*  All track may also be played in sequence if required
*  No message downloading or recording necessary
*  Solid State design with no mechanical or moving parts
*  Use standard CF card reader to read/write sound files
*  Production updates can be emailed to clients
*  Compact size, maintenance free
*  One Year Warranty
*  YOUR COST $249.00
*  YOUR COST with 32MB CompactFlash Card $269.00


Automated Call Attendants

Tel-A-Greeter 204
Perfect for Movie Theatres, Concert Lines and Real Estate Information Lines
This unit answers your call, plays your announcement and then disconnects the caller

Advanced four-line telephone messaging system, designed to provide both call answering with audio message play, plus a continuous-loop telephone message-on-hold audio source. Each unit has four separate and independent lines, each configured to provide either Call-Answering with audio messages.


The Call-Answering feature: The line answers incoming phone calls and plays an audio message. A standard phone line is connected to the line’s input jack. When a call is received, the unit answers the call, plays the message, then hangs up.  Perfect for movie theatres, concert information and real estate using pre-recorded announcements.

3.5KHz bandwidth
8 minutes of message storage
4-line/channel capability
Call-Answering and MOH modes
Non-volatile flash memory - no battery backup needed
Remote and local recording
Password security
Durable plastic case construction
5-year parts and labor warranty
$629.00   TG204


Tel-A-Greeter 251/252
Perfect for businesses that want to provide a special greeting to each incoming caller
and then provide Message-On-Hold programming while the call is ringing-through
Allows a menu of "8" message choices and callers can listen to all "8" if desired.

The Tel-A-Greeter Model 251 and 252 are advanced-technology digital call screening and messaging systems designed to answer calls with an informative greeting, then let callers ring through for live pickup, or select other pre-recorded messages or simply hang-up.

Available in two models:

The Tel-A-Greeter 251 is a single-line unit capable of handling a single incoming call.

The Tel-A-Greeter 252 is a two-line unit capable of handling two calls simultaneously.

Message recording and system programming functions are accessed locally or remotely using a standard touch-tone telephone. A total of eleven separate messages can be recorded into each unit, these messages include eight menu messages, one day and one night greeting message, and one music-on-hold message. The Message-On-Hold announcement slot plays when a call is being transferred to the local phone. The Tel-A-Greeter 251 and 252 both have a Call-Screening option that allows callers to bypass the greeting message and ring through if they have the correct password.


3.5KHz bandwidth
8 minutes of message storage
Storage for up to 11 variable-length messages
100% solid-state construction
Non-volatile flash memory - no battery backup needed
Remote and local recording
Password security
Durable plastic case construction
Wall mount and telco cable included
Manufactured in the USA
$449.00     TG251
$529.00     TG252

Audio Business Cards on CDROM
P.O.P. Audio Productions
POP Audio Repeaters
After Hours Messages
Elevator Announcements
Automated Attendant Messages
Special Audio & Training Tapes

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