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"FSBO"   For Sale By Owner

Open House Radio™ ...Sells Homes... Faster

Just imagine your home advertising itself 24 hours a day...
Just imagine the results...

Open House Radio
Is a small FM radio transmitter placed inside your home that continously broadcasts a prerecorded message about your listed property/home.

Prospective buyers simply stop in front of your home and tune their car radios to the FM radio frequency listed on the Open House Radio™ Yard Sign.

Curious prospects simply listen to the continuous message detailing your home's special features and benefits from inside the comfort of their cars.

In today's market you need all the help you can get...    

Let Open House Radio™ work for you 24/7.

Give your home the
Open House Radioadvantage.

Open House Radio™
Works for you continuously, 24 hours a day...
Open House Radio™
Screens out the curious lookers...
Open House Radio™
Helps presell the serious prospects...
Open House Radio™
Consists of our DriveThruRadio™.com FCC Approved FMTransmitter
coupled with your choice of Audio Announcer and
(1) Open House Radio™ Yard Sign...
Get your home on the air...
and get your home

Open House Radio permits  your potential buyers to drive through any neighborhood at their own convenience, at any hour of the day or night and tune their vehicle's radio to continuous information about your listings while they are in front of your Open House Radio property.

Use Open House Radio, to broadcast a message created by you or a professional. Every vehicle has an FM radio and there are plenty of unused local FM frequencies that can used to broadcast your message. When someone drives near your Open House Radio Sign, they can stop and tune-in to your repeating message on their FM radio. Similar functioning units retail for $800+.  We think this is excessive and unreasonable. Our system is modular and you don't lose the entire system if in the unlikely event that you must repair one of the components.  Addtionally, our system offers unlimited message lengths; you are not limited to just a  minute or two of audio length.

Open House Radio is not new - its not even high-tech - but it does use state-of-the-art technology and FCC approved equipment. It can be very a very effective selling tool. Open House Radio™ has created a modular system that can be easily placed anywhere, uses standard 110 volts AC and is capable of broadcasting your custom and continuously looping messages for many years.  In case of a power interruption or failure, the system will immediately restart and begin broadcasting as soon as the power is restored.

Having a series of transmitters on your listings increases the interest level in your marketing strategies. It's a great selling tool when you are trying to obtain a listing. It allows you to stand out from the crowd, especially in "down markets."

Advertising and income generating opportunities can arise as a result of cross promotion; Sell co-op advertising time to vendors that you currently do business with. Utilize co-op advertising such as mentioning a local mortgage or insurance broker along with each Open House Radio listing. This can often pay for the system and will generate additional positive monthly income for each unit you maintain in the field. Now you can actually make money while advertising on your own private FM stereo Open House Radio Station.

See Realtor's Discount Information Below

Open House Radio Broadcast System

SAVE $89.00 ORDER NOW!!!

Purchase Both Components and Receive an Instant 20+% Discount

Regularly $438.00...     Your Cost Only $349...

SAVE $89.00  ORDER NOW!!!

Plus a FREE  (30) Second Professionally Voiced
Announcement from your written script
mixed with the music style of your choice

Mini-Digital FM Stereo Transmitter
Broadcast Range from: 50 feet, up to 150 feet
FCC Approved…No Special License Required.
FM Stereo Transmitter    (88.3 - 107.7 MHz)
Compact Size FM Stereo… Radio Station
Tunes To Any “Available” FM Frequency
Frequency is Displayed on Front LED.
Covers Your Entire Drive-Thru Area.
Built-in Telescoping Antenna
Manual Audio Input Limiter

CF PlayerCompactFlash Card Player
Stores up to 99 tracks of both MP3 and WAV files
Change audio using  standard CompactFlash Card
Change messages via push button on front of unit
Playback CD quality (Up to 128Kbps/48KHz)
LED indicates the file number being played
Audio Productions can be easily Emailed
Includes (1) 32MB CF Card...FREE
Maintenance Free/No Moving Parts
One Year Warranty
REGULARLY $ 249.00
Buy Both Units Regularly $438.00...  Your Cost Only $349...

Call And Ask Us About Our Realtor's Special Discounts

We Can Also Provide You With Cusomized Radio Signs
Purchase a Discounted Open House Radio Package
and we will provide you with a 30 Second
Professionally Voiced Anncouncement
from your written script mixed
with your choice of music style


Realtors also Receive 30% off
Standard Voiced Open House Radio™ Announcements
Not to be Combimed with the Voice Talent of the Month Discount


The CF Player is an MP3 player designed specifically for broadcasting a continuous audio announcement.  With its true CD sound quality and smaller MP3 file size, the CF Player can also be used to broadcast a hugh amount of crystal clear audio for your Open House Radio Station.

Digital sound files created  in a recording studio or on a computer can be easily and quickly copied directly onto a standard CompactFlash card without the need for any conversion or re-digitization. Therefore, the sound quality is preserved 100% as compared to the original. At the end user's site, the CompactFlash card is simply inserted into the CF Player and the unit is ready to continuously play your messages. Absolutely no downloading is needed.

The CF Player is directly compatible with the industrial standard MP3 and WAV formats, which means that virtually any PC can be used to create and edit the sound file. A CompactFlash card reader is used to copy one or more sound files to the card, and a particular file can be selected by pressing a button on the unit. This feature permits you to store multiple messages on the card and utilize them as required.

The CF Player™ stores multiple messages permitting you store your pre-scripted welcome message, your personalized message and your post-sale/sold message on the same unit.Simply puch the button to change between the different messages.



True CD sound quality
Designed to broadcast  Open House Radio Station audio
Supports both MP3 and WAV file formats
Stores up to 99 tracks on a single CompactFlash card
Tracks can be played sequentially using the push button
No message downloading or recording necessary
Solid State design with no mechanical or moving parts
Use standard CF card reader to read/write sound files
Production updates can be emailed to clients
Compact size, fully digital and maintenance free
One Year Warranty
YOUR COST $249.00      REALTORS ONLY   $199.00  without CF Card  
                                                 (32MB CF Card add $19.00)

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