Digital Audio Repeaters 

All of our audio announcers are "automated" in that once they are set up they will not require any further intervention unless the internal message needs to be changed.  In the event of a power interruption/failure our announcers will auto-start and immediately resume playing your message.

NOTE: These are commercially designed audio announcers specifically engineered for 24 hour/365 day operation. They have numerous features that off-the-shelf "MP3" players do not.  Most home-style MP3 players run on batteries only and they will not "AUTO-START". They will not automatically begin to replay your message once the power is restored and they will require human intervention to be placed into the play mode again. Do not take the chance of harming your corporate image by using inferior equipment not specifically designed for these tasks.


DAR-20/Commercial Grade 20 Second Audio Repeater  w/ Built-in Speaker


We can easily add a PUSH BUTTON to the case for a stand alone audio module.
We can easily add a "RADAR SENSOR" for a stand alone audio module.

The DAR-20™ is a high qualityDigital Audio Repeater that is based on an advanced Natural Speech Processor Module that has been specifically designeded for use in various types of automated voice announcer systems.

If you require up to a 20 second message and a speaker in a single convenient unit, the rugged DAR-20™ is an ideal module.

The DAR-20™  accommodates a speech processor in an attractive and easily mounted plastic speaker housing. Simply record your customized message via the built-in microphone, connect the triggering device and place it anywhere.  The DAR-20™ will also run continuously if desired.

With a full (1) watt output this unit is very very loud.

DSM1 Features:

Provides automated messages up to 20 seconds in length.
Permits museums, attractions, play-gyms and vending machines, to "speak out".
Can be used in retail locations and Point of Purchase Displays.
Utilize a motion detector or push button to trigger audio messages/advertisements.
Ob-Board Non-Volatile EEPROM memory. 100 year memory retention without power.
Triggering methods – NO/NC, positive voltage, negative (ground) potential, momentary short circuit contact closure or upon power up. Can also run continuously 24/7.
Push Button Activator can easily be added to the front of the case for a fully modular design.
Output (1) Watt . (This unit is very very loud)
Powered by 12 VDC (Adapter Included)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 11.8 x 8.2 x 3.2 cm (4.65 x 4.0 x 1.25 in.).
Current consumption – 25 mA (Standby), 35 mA (Record), 300 mA peak (playback).
Weight 140g (5.25 oz).
YOUR COST     $179.00

MCDAR-90   (4) Channel 90 Second Commercial Grade Audio Repeater

The MCDAR-90 is an advanced 4-channel record/playback Speech Processor Module that enables speech recording and playback up to 90 seconds.  A different message can be recorded on each of the 4 "channels", and each channel can be automatically and separately played back, by triggering the corresponding input. A unique design feature allows the number of messages at one site to be increased virtually without limit, by cascading any number of MCDAR-90 units.

Recording can be done using the on-the-board internal microphone or an external audio source. The playback output is 1Watt across an 8-Ohm loudspeaker. For maximum efficiency, each outgoing message can be composed of a short "individual" message or sound effect and a longer "common" message (location, address or alert signal). The common message can be joined to the beginning or the end of each individual message, as desired. Upon triggering one of the 4 channel inputs, the relevant individual message and the common message are played back in succession, in the order chosen and in accordance with the selected playback mode.

MCDAR-90™ Features:

The total available combined recording time is shared between the 4 seperate channels,  Totals 90 seconds.
Playback from each channel can be triggered by motion sensors or any type of momentary switch/button.
The channel inputs can function with normally open (N.O.) or normally closed (N.C.) switches.
A microphone, RECORD pushbutton, volume control and LED status indicator are included on the PC board.
Audio source selector permits you to choose between recording speech directly from the internal microphone or using a pre-recorded message from an external audio source such as a CD player.
Suitable for mounting within the host system cabinet or inside any loudspeaker housing.
Non-Volatile EEPROM memory. 100 year memory retention without power.
Interval/cycle between message repetitions – 2 seconds.
Output (1) Watt across 8 Ohms (attenuated to 1 V p-p max. if the VOL control is set to Minimum)
External audio input of 100 mV p-p max. / 4 k.
Operating power: 12 VDC.
Current consumption of 10 mA (standby), 30 mA (record), 300 mA peak (playback into loudspeaker)
Custom Enclosure and, 12VDC Power Supply Extra
YOUR COST  $189.00
CF Player/Commercial Grade MP3 Player
Uses a CompactFlash Card

The CF Player™ is an MP3/WAV player designed specifically for broadcasting a continuous audio announcement.  With its true CD sound quality and smaller MP3 file size, the CF Player™ can also be used to broadcast a large amount of crystal clear audio via a PA system (storecasting), through a Telephone's Message-On-Hold System and through Autmated Advertising's low power AM/FM radio stations.

Digital sound files created in a recording studio or on a computer can be easily and quickly copied directly onto a standard CompactFlash Card without the need for any conversion or re-digitization. Therefore, the sound quality is preserved 100% as compared to the original. At the end user's site, the CompactFlash Card is simply inserted into the CF Player and the unit is ready to continuously play your messages. Absolutely no downloading is needed.

The CF Player is directly compatible with the industrial standard MP3 and WAV formats, which means that virtually any PC can be used to create and edit the sound files. A CompactFlash Card reader is used to copy one or more sound files to the card, and a particular file can be selected by pressing a button on the unit. This feature permits you to store multiple messages on the card and utilize them as required.


*  True CD sound quality
*  Designed to broadcast continuous audio announcements for any repeating audio applications
*  Supports both MP3 and WAV file formats
*  Stores up to 99 tracks on a single flash card
*  Tracks can be individually selected via a push button
*  All tracks may also be played in sequence if desired
*  No message downloading or recording necessary
*  Solid State design with no mechanical or moving parts
*  Use standard CF card reader to read/write sound files
*  Production updates can be emailed to clients
*  Compact size, maintenance free
*  One Year Warranty
*  YOUR COST $249.00
*  YOUR COST with 32MB CompactFlash Card $269.00
MP3 THUMB-DRIVE DAR/Commercial Grade MP3 Player

The MP3 Thumbdrive Player is a state-of-the-art digital audio playback device designed to provide a continuous-play audio source for Message On-Hold, background music, or any other audio application where high-quality continuous audio playback is required. Messages are stored on industry standard USB flash drives from 16MB up to 4GB. The MP3 Thumbdrive Player is capable of MP3 file playback from 8Kbps all the way up to full CD-quality audio playback of 128Kbps.

Audio content is easily managed by plugging the USB flash/thumb drive into a computer’s USB port and “dragging and dropping” the MP3 files to and from the drive.

The MP3 Thumbdrive Player is also available with the next generation encryption software called Sonocrypt Level 3. This version of Sonocrypt encrypts the MP3 file itself making the MP3 file unplayable anywhere except on the Messager USB. This makes the distribution of music and messaging safe, secure, and ensures against unauthorized substitution of your message.


64MB Flash Drive included...FREE
Plays MP3 files from USB Flash Drive
Up to 4 GB Flash Drives supported
No drivers or special software needed
Playback quality up to 128Kbps
Store up to 1024 messages
Continuous playback
Built-in monitor speaker
Sonocrypt Level 3 encryption (optional)
LED status indicator
Exceptional dealer support
$ 269.00fob

Messenger USB DAR/Commercial Grade MP3 Player 
Uses a Proprietary Flash Card

The Messenger USB/MP3 Player is a digital audio playback device designed to provide an audio source for Music-On-Hold (MOH), background music or any other audio application where continuous audio playback is required. To load messages, plug a USB cable from the Messenger USB/MP3 Player into any available USB port on your computer. Plug the Flash Card into the Messager MP3. The Messenger USB/MP3 Player will quickly appear as a removable drive. Once connected, files can be added or removed by a drag-and-drop, just like you would with a digital camera card or any other type of removable media. No special software is required. This proprietary flash card will not function in any other devices which is a great security feature.


Includes (1) Messenger USB/MP3 Player Flash Card...FREE
64 minute removable media (32Kbps)
Continuous playback of standard MP3 files
Change audio via PC/USB or flash card
Plays single or multiple MP3 files
Playback quality up to 128Kbps/48KHz
No driver updates or special software needed
Space saving footprint
LED status indicator
$ 199.00fob

Messenger USB/Commercial Grade MP3 Player
Flash Card

Non-volatile removable flash media card with 64 minutes of message storage. Messager's Flash Cards can be programmed using the Messager MP3 and a standard PC running Windows XP or above. To load messages simply plug a USB cable from the Messager MP3 into an available USB port on your computer. Plug the Flash Card into the Messager MP3. The Messager MP3 will show up as a removable drive. Once connected, files can be added or removed by a simple drag-and-drop, just like you would with a digital camera card or any other type of removable media. No special software is required - just plug and go!


Programmed using the Messager MP3 (MSG-64M) and a standard PC running Windows XP or above
64 minute message capacity
Plays standard mp3 files
Support to 128Kbps/48KHz
No special software needed
Made in the USA
$ 39.00fob
Sonorous Digital MP3 DAR/Commercial Grade MP3 Player
CD to Flash Memory Player

The Sonorous Digital MP3 Player is designed to provide a continuous-play audio source for Music-On-Hold, background music or any other audio application where continuous high-quality audio playback is required. The audio program is loaded from a standard MP3  burned CD using a pure digital-to-digital transfer into a high-density flash memory file system.

Sonocrypt Encryption: The Sonorous is available with Sonocrypt encryption. When included the Sonorous will only load audio programs from a CD that has been burned with a matching key file (provided separately). Existing Sonorous without Sonocrypt is not upgradable. Available in Level-1 and Level-3 encryption.


CD style
CD-ROM loadable - using standard MP3's burned onto a CD
Up to 100 message capacity
Continuous message playback
Base memory of 64 minutes @ 32Kbps
Sample rates up to 128K bits-per-second
Industry standard time-proven CD-ROM drive
Built-in monitor speaker
Extruded aluminum and steel construction
Dimensions: 3.25" H x 9.50" W x 9.10" D
Manufactured in the USA
$315.00fob   16 MB/64 Minutes
$575.00fob  512 MB/2040 Minutes
$25.00           Sonocrypt Level 1 or Level Option 3
FUNUNCIATOR USB/Commercial Grade MP3 Player
This unit stores (8) seperate channels of audio
This unit plays a single channel at a time

Perfect For Interactive Audio Exhibits
Perfect for Rotating Panel Billboards
Tourist Attractions/Theme Parks/Museums/Play Gyms/Transportation Sites

Fununciator is a Trademark of Automated Advertising, Inc.

The Fununciator USB is a solid-state digital message repeater that installs easily into any messaging application that requires triggered or timed message play. The Fununciator USB will play up to 99 MP3 files encoded in a wide variety of bit rates from 8Kbps up to near CD-quality rates of 128Kbps. Messages are triggered either by the eight contact inputs on the rear of the unit or utilizing it’s built-in interval timer circuit. A wide variety of features such as an active output can be tied to LEDs or relays for activation when a message is playing or a stop trigger to terminate message play.

A built-in 12VDC auxiliary output allows motion detectors or heat sensors to be powered from the unit. All incoming triggers can be configured for normally-open or normally-closed triggering, as well as play once or play continuous. A rotate feature can be activated on the unit allowing for a different message to be played each time the main trigger is activated. Programming of features is extremely easy by using the manual and setting the DIP switches on the bottom of the unit.

Background music can be fed through the unit and when a message is triggered the built-in digital fader will fade down the music and play the selected message. After the message is played the background music will fade back up to its previous level.


Includes: One (1) Unit and one (1) 32MB USB drive...FREE
Plays MP3 files from USB Flash Drive
Up to 4GB Flash Drives supported
No drivers or special software needed
Playback quality up to 128Kbps
Store up to 99 messages
Triggered and/or timed playback
Active output indication trigger
Auxiliary 12VDC output for wiring sensors
Built-in monitor speaker
LED status indicator
Exceptional Dealer Support
5-year parts and labor warranty
Made in the USA
$ 349.00fob

Amusement Facilities;
Safety Announcements: Keep your hands inside the ride at all times, Children under 12 not admitted without a parent or guardian, Please fasten your seatbelts, Etc.

Guest Assistance: Provide a station where, if a guest needs employee assistance, they can push a button and an announcement will be played overhead requesting assistance.  

Promotional Announcements: You have a captive audience waiting in line 1“ why not advertise other attractions in the park such as rides, shows or food available?

Warning Announcements: In the event of inclement weather (thunderstorm, hurricane, etc.)

Informational Announcements:  Let visitors know when a show is starting in the theater or when a special demonstration will begin. Automatically play announcements to attract visitors to exhibits or to welcome them as they enter or thank them as they leave using motion sensors and/or pressure pads.

Interactive Messaging: Let visitors become part of the excitement by pressing a button or flipping a switch to play information about, or add sound effects to, an exhibit.

Promotional Announcements:  Advertise future exhibits or shows coming to your museum. Have a gift shop? Tell your guests about it!

Retail Promotion;  Perfect for continuous information and push button activated announcements.

Community Outreach: Advertise local fundraisers for schools or organizations. Sponsoring a charity event? Let your shoppers know about it!

Informational Announcements: Inform customers of hours of operation. Automatically play announcements to attract customers to featured products or services using motion sensors and/or pressure pads.

Promotional Announcements:  Advertise product specials, new products or services.

We also specialize in Custom Audio Announcers for:

Art Galleries
Vending Machines
Trade Show Displays
Point of Purchase Sales
Airport / Hotel Displays
Entrance & Exit Announcements
Children's Entertainment Centers
The list of uses is endless

Our line of announcers are designed to provide audio announcements for:


*The Fununciator is a trademark of Automated Advertising, Inc.


Tour-Bot ML -          8 Independent Stereo Channel MP3 Audio Repeaters

Tour-Bot ML  lets you play eight independent stereo tracks from a single, economical rack-mount unit. It’s perfect for attraction rides, museums, and interactive displays. Each track is individually triggered by its own discrete input – contact closure or voltage input allowing direct connection to proximity sensors or switches. Or, all tracks can be controlled from a single RS-232 serial or MIDI port.

Tour-Bot ML offers the latest in Digital Audio Repeater technology, combining MP3 audio with CompactFlash Cards for a rugged, reliable and maintenance-free solution to your playback needs. Access time is nearly instantaneous! All eight tracks are completely independent and can be played/activated simultaneously, and offer superb audio quality. Standard play-back time is 20 minutes total. Larger Compact Flash media can provide several hours of playback!

Sounds can simply be copied onto the media card using the optional CompactFlash docking cradle/adapter.


8 Independent Stereo Audio Channels
High-quality MP3 Audio Format
Compact Flash Media Included
Voltage or Contact Closure Control
Start, Stop and Mute Each Track
RS-232 and MIDI Control
YOUR COST: From $3,495.00

Extended Warranty
Position Terminal Block
Compact Flash to Standard PC Card Adapter
Compact Flash Adapter for USB Port Programming and Interconnect Cable, 9 Pin to 9 Pin, 10 Feet
Programming and Interconnect Cable, 9 Pin to 9 Pin, 25 Feet

9v Power Supply, 110V, For Tour-Bot ML and InterActivator

9v Power Supply, Universal Switcher, For 8Traxx and InterActivator

TELink 1250i      Internet downloadable messaging system

The TELink® 1250i is an Internet downloadable messaging system utilizing state-of-the-art MPEG compression to achieve truly stunning near-CD quality audio storage and playback. The 1250i is connected to the Internet through a highspeed Internet connection via a built-in 10/100 Ethernet jack. Base units include 64 minutes of flash memory and can be expanded up to 68 hours for longer message applications such as in-store messaging and background music. Every TELink 1250i v4.1 now includes our new Complex Scheduling/Day Parting technology administered by the DigiLAN™ controller software. This innovative feature allows multiple playlists to be scheduled on a time/day basis.

All remote unit management and audio downloads are accomplished by your dealer over the Internet using our DigiLAN controller software suite. When an update is needed the DigiLAN software opens its own dedicated “socket” using your high-speed Internet connection and locates the remote TELink 1250i by IP address and digitally transfers the MP3 audio files and configuration settings you need. The 1250i’s integrated two-way (push or pull) ConnectBack™ feature combined with DigiLAN’s powerful scheduling abilities provide unlimited flexibility and convenience. Changes can be initiated on demand, be scheduled from minutes to weeks, or the TELink 1250i can be instructed to connect automatically and load new audio.

The TELink® 1250 features include:

• Base memory of 64 minutes @ 32Kbps
• Storage for up to 1000 total messages
• Sample/Bit-rates up to 48KHz/320Kbps
• Up to 4 ConnectBack™ server IP addresses
• Server capacity up to 50 channels (in/out)
• Updates as frequently as every 10 minutes
• DigiLAN Auto-Update and Auto-Reconnect
• Hyperbit® technology
• Complex scheduling/Day parting
• BGM music input, adjustable fader & timer
• 5-year parts and labor warranty

YOUR COST:  $595.00 (16MB Card)
YOUR COST:  $749.00 (512Mb Card)

Each TELink 1250i is built to exacting quality standards using state-of the- art assembly equipment for outstanding reliability and years of dependable service.


The IP-NET100 stores and continuously plays a digitized audio production for Message-On-Hold applications and Low Power Radio Stations. The unit  receives (pulls) audio and configuration updates over the Internet or intranet from a Content Management System. Connection to a local area network is made by a standard Ethernet interface on the unit.


The IP-NET-100 stores audio in standard mp3 formats. Mp3 bit rates of 32, 48, and 64 kbps are available. Depending on the bit rate used, the total memory of the unit can vary from approximately 7-14 minutes of storage.

The device's IP address is entered into a computer's web browser on the Local Area Network (LAN). A graphical user interface is presented to the user for device configuration and audio adjustment.

Volume/Tone Control
An 8 ohm and a 600 ohm output are available from the amplifier. Volume and tone control changes are made by using a standard web browser operated from a computer on the LAN. Up/Down volume buttons are located on the unit as well. All of these adjustments are made in real time on the machine.

The IP-NET-100 periodically communicates to a Content Management System (CMS). Generally, this is done at defined intervals of time (typically every 1-12 hours). First the IP-NET-100 unit identifies itself to the CMS by a serial number. After identification, the CMS will determine if there is a new audio file to download. It then pulls this file from the CMS and stores in flash memory.

Product Updates
The unit also has the ability to receive firmware updates during these checks to the Content Management System. Premier will notify dealers of firmware updates as they become available. The dealers will then have the option as to whether or not they want to update the equipment.

E-mail Notification
The Content Management System can be set up to automatically notify your customer when their audio production has been changed. Other automatic notifications are also available to you the dealer and your customer.

Detailed Network Communication Information
All communication between the device and the Content Management System is via http protocol and is over port 80. This is the standard Internet communication protocol. As a result, firewall security is not a concern with IT professionals. Communication with the CMS does not jeopardize network security.

Content Management System (CMS)
Access to this website is secured by user name and password. Serial numbers of units are entered by Premier into the web site as units are shipped. The dealer creates groups and assigns individual units to each group. Audio mp3 files can be uploaded by the dealer to the web site library. Each group is assigned one or more mp3 audio files. Dealers can schedule uploading of audio files to units in the field at different times and dates in the future.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 4" x 5" x 1"
Weight: 4 lbs.
Audio Format: The IP-NET-100 will play all mp3 formats. These include all MPEG 1/2, layer 2 and layer 3 formats, as well as MPEG 2.5 low bit rates. (mp3 pro is not supported.)
MP3 Bit Rates: 64kbps = 7 min, 15 sec memory, 48kbps = 9 min, 40 sec memory, 32kbps = 14 min, 30 sec memory
Power Source: 12Vdc, 500mA adapter (included)
Memory: Nonvolatile Flash, unaffected by power interruptions of any duration.
Network Interface: RJ45 Cat 5 Ethernet connector, 6ft. Cat 5 patch cord (included)
Audio Output: 8 ohm and 600 ohm RCA connection
Ear Bud: Included (RCA termination)
$  Call To Discuss Pricing ( This unit requires high speed internet access and significant initial setup costs)


High Fidelity Cassette Downloader
Cassette to Flash Memory Player

The High Fidelity Cassette Downloader audio player provides crystal clear quality without the mechanical breakdowns typical with other analog equipment. We do recommend non-cassette based downloaders due to the ease of burning CDs or sending audio files over the internet.


High Fidelity – The High Fidelity Cassette Downloader stores audio in µlaw format which has an equivalent bit rate of 112 kbps
Tone Control – The new tone control provides a broader range of sound, thus allowing the bass and treble to maximizethe High Fidelity Cassette Downloader’s fidelity
Cassette Tape Mechanism – The High Fidelity Cassette Downloader uses the highest quality tape drive the industry -- built to accompany high end stereo equipment, not the lower quality tape drives found in answering machines.
Verbal Prompting – The High Fidelity Cassette Downloader is easy to operate -- a human voice leads you thru loading of the production
Zero Gap – There is no silence after the program stops -- the message starts from the beginning immediately
Flash Memory – The nonvolatile memory assures the recording will never be lost due to a power loss
Compatibility – The High Fidelity Cassette Downloader is compatible with any telephone system that has a music-on-hold interface
$ Call for Price

The Fununciator™ is a  trademark of Automated Advertising, Inc.
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