Voice Talent

NOTE:   This page contains audio samples and we recommend high speed intenet access for use with this page.

Our professional voice talent can be heard in national TV and radio commercials across the country.
Turn around is normally within 48-72 hours when ordered and prepaid Monday - Friday.
Our radio commercials are mixed with a music "style" of your choice and sound effects can be added.

When ordering -  please specify the type of music you desire:

Easy Listening
Upbeat Fast Tempo
Special Music Formats Available Upon Request

Although we will make every attempt to utilize your selected voice talent, unforseen circumstances may make
your selected voice talent unavailable.  In this event, we will recommend a talent that is similar to your selection.

Costs... Our prices have just been reduced...

Single Voice... Adult or Child
Contact us for Multi/Mixed Voice Pricing   
Contact us for Jingle Pricing

(Up to 15) Second Maximum Spot Voice Only
(16 to 30) Second Maximum Spot Voice Only
(31 to 60) Second Maximum Spot Voice Only
(Up to 60) Second Simple Music Mix Add
Per Sound Effect Added (If we don't have it, we'll get it)
(Up to 30) Second Maximum Character Voices
(31 - 60) Second Maximum Character Voices
Add for 24-hour Rush Turn Around When Possible
 New pricing schedule effective 03/01/08

Voice Talents of the Month
Special Discount
Receive 15% Discount off of published VO rates
Ask about adding a second female voice...
Save 50% off 2nd female Voice Talent of the Month VO

(Expereinced, Smooth, Freindly, Bold, Confident, Character Voices)

(Various Character Voices)
(Mixed Voice  with two Females Voices and one Male Voice Demonstration)
(Experienced, Gravely, Versatile.)
(Mid-range, clear, classy, intelligent)
(Warm, versatile, no accent)
(Smooth, believable, friendly, warm)
(Authoritative, sexy, fun)
(Elegant, smooth, confident, smart)
(Sexy, late 20's early 30's)
(Hip, with a touch of grit/texture, natural)
(African American - urban to pop)
(British - smooth, friendly, characters)
(Low resonant voice, serious to whimsical)
(Deep, smooth, warm)
(20's to 40's, edgy to warm)
(Youthful, timeless, distinct)
(Smooth, big, bold, great sexy style)
(Conversational, warm, resonant, personal)
(Baritone, smooth, conversational or hard-edge)
(Powerful, hard-hitting - fire and brimstone)
(British/Australian, sophisticated to quirky)
(Clean, strong, polished)
(Mellow, very credible and friendly)
(Passionate, conversational, persuasive)
(Calm, assuring, authoritative)
(Conversational, frenzied, friendly, or fierce)  
(Warm, friendly, spirited, invigorating)
(Generation X sound, mid 20's to late 30's)
(Smooth, friendly, natural)
(Conversational, friendly, believable, energetic, persuasive)
(Warm, distinctive, credible, attention getting)
(Smooth, friendly, conversational)
(Female: Friendly, real, believable, energetic, conversational, persuasive, kids, 15 years old)
(Female: 7 Year Old)
(11 Years Old, Sweet, clear voice, very expressive)
(Impersonating, children, boys, girls, & teens)
Male: (9 Years Old)
Male: (Young, energetic)
Male: (Impersonating a child. UK British, English, 10yrs old, girls and boys)
Note: Children's voice require an additional 48 hours lead time

(Conversational, sophisticated,sexy, motherly, friendly, upbeat, pleasant, warm, caring)
(Pleasant, elegant, warm, gentile,confident, sincere, inviting, able to "paint a picture")
(Bright, warm, friendly, Mom, natural, mature, happy, professional, corporate, real, jocund, smile, young, holiday, sincere,
serious, upbeat, smooth, edgy, cool, hip, strong, enthusiastic)
(Warm, friendly, upbeat, smooth, sexy, sincere)
(Warm, Rich, Smooth, Deep, Friendly, Sincere, Caring, real, soothing, Hip, Sexy, authoritative, soft, medium, hard sell)
(Warm, Sincere, Soft ,Upbeat, Fun)
(Caring, soft, comforting, corporate, mom, mother, warm, friendly, mature, upbeat, trustworthy, honest, professional, natural)
(Warm, natural, convincing,sexy, smooth, hard-sell, upbeat, inviting, pleasant, friendly, edgy, sarcastic)
(Rich, natural, warm, and charming with an underlying sexuality that sells. Distinctive, sexy, silky, sensual, sophisticated;
colorful, upbeat, energetic, genuine, playful, confident, positive, enthusiastic, and bright. Friendly girl-next-door or
soothing, caring mother; authorative professional or edgy and uptempo.)
(Warm, friendly, sexy, sophisticated, powerful, news announcer, energetic, soothing, upbeat, mom, conversational)
(Warm, Soft, Friendly,Energetic, Soothing, Sexy, Bright, Sweet, Conversational, Happy, Kind, Loving, Mature, Motherly)
(Cool, funny,  playful, sexy, informative, clear, theatrical, soft, medium, hard sell)
(Warm, inviting, sexy, or fresh soccer mom appeal, teen, 20's or 30's)
(African American Female, soft, sexy, natural, upbeat, urban, youthful)
(Smooth, Big & Warm, Bit of An edge)
(Professional, Authoritative, Soothing Delivery)
(African American, Smooth But Edgy,  Dryvoice)
(Warm, Friendly,Deep, Aggressive, Authoritative, Hard Sell, Soft sell, Narration, Car Ad, Character, Sincere, Believable)
(Big, Deep, Hardsell, Soft, Authoritative, Sincere, Urgency, Middle age, Movie Trailer, Concert, Monster Truck, Warm, Dad)
(Upbeat, Friendly, Young & Conversational, Confident, Energetic & Fun)
(Friendly, Animated, Sincere, Convincing,Intimate, Warm, Versatile, Smooth.Holidays)
(Hard or Soft Sell.Auto dealers, night clubs, restaurants. Narration for instructional,institutional, or industrial video and more)
(Rich, natural, enthusiastic,serious, narration, warm & friendly, professional,imaging, trailers)
(Compelling, bright retail, excellent interpretation, natural, hip, quirky, conversational, clear, deep, versatile)
(Energy, Natural, Conversational, Real, Professional, Celebrity, Compassionate, Friendly, Upbeat, Authoritative ,Informative
Powerful, Sincere, Believable, SoftSell, Characters, Narration, IVR, English, French, Northeastern, Impersonations)
(Hard Sell, Soft Sell, Baritone, Guy Next Door, Dulcet, Smooth. Ideal for the calmer, caring, sincere sell. Can do booming,
deep toned hard sell as well. Great Northeast (Philly) and Southern accents)
(Soft-sell, next door neighbor, Smooth,gritty, big, character)
(Trustworthy, mature, father, grandpa, storyteller, narrator, comforting, santa, warm, caring, sensitive, western style)
(Friendly guy next door or generation X attitude! Edgy or sincere, believable and compelling)
(Warm, Smooth, Friendly, Conversational,  Natural, Creative, Corporate, Training, Documentary and Audio Books)

If your upcoming project calls for ...
Radio Commercials
Corporate Training Film Audio Tracks
Industrial Voice-Overs
Website Greetings and Audio Production
Trade Show & Exposition Presentations
Webpage Greetings and Audio Production
Autodial Callout Messages
Industrial Voice-Overs


Art Galleries
Radio Billboards
Vending Machines
Trade Show Displays
Point of Purchase Sales
Airport / Hotel Displays
Entrance & Exit Announcements
Children's Entertainment Centers

(FAQ)   Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have more than one script.  Can I order them at the same time?
Yes, Just complete a separate order form for each script and prepay for each script seperately.

2. What happens if my script times out to be more than :60 or :30 once read by the talent?
We will have the talent read it at a comfortable pace (which may be longer than :60 or :30) and a faster pace to squeeze it in the appropriate time.
Please keep in mind a general rule of thumb:  Voice talent ALWAYS read slower than you.

3. Can I have the talent read the script as an audition free of charge?
Unfortunately not.  One of the major reasons we're able to offer you such an affordable rate per spot is because our talent know they are
going to get paid every time we send them a script.

4. What happens if my script is not a :60 or :30 spot?
If your script is not a :60 or :30 spot for radio or TV, you will be charged $149 per page, whereas one page = no more than 20 lines,
double-spaced, size 12 Arial font minimum.

5. How many takes of the audio will I receive?
We generally try to provide 2 or 3 to select  from.

6.  What if there are mispronounced words
If we mispronounce a commonly used word, omit a word, or make a punctuation mistake, we will provide a re-read at no extra charge.
Just request the re-read by E-mailing AutomatedAdvertising@Gmail.com  If we mispronounce a word that we deem should have been
explained in the script sheet, DTR will not be responsible for the cost of a re-read by the voice talent.
REMEMBER:  Some words that you use every day are foreign to people from other parts of the country and the talent may not fully
understand the desired pronunciation without your explanation.

7. What happens if I need revisions cut?
If you change your copy, you must complete a new order form and you will be charged for another spot.

8. How do I pay for my script?
All scripts must be prepaid prior to studio time being booked. We utilize PayPal and we accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover.

9. I have a question that is not listed above.  How can I get my question answered?
Send an email to AutomatedAdvertising@Gmail.com or you can call us at 305-216-2366 and leave a detailed message.


Orders will not be accepted without completing the order form in full and pre-paying in full.

Once an order is submitted via email and payment is made through our processing agent, a binding, non-refundable transaction has

Voice talent is never guaranteed and is always subject to availability. Alternate or similar voice talent shall be utilized in such cases.

DTR is not responsible for copy that is written longer than :60 or :30. DTR will make all reasonable efforts to read the attached script in the
designated time, but client understands and acknowledges that proper inflection may be sacrificed to accommodate a faster/slower pace.

DTR is not responsible for pronunciation keys not supplied or typographical errors in copy.

DTR's hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM eastern standard time.

Orders placed after 5:00 PM eastern time will be processed the next business day.

DTR will make every reasonable effort to return audio files within 48-72 hours.

Orders placed between Friday 5:01 PM Eastern time and Monday 8:59 AM eastern time will be processed after 9:00 AM on the following
non-holiday Monday.

DTR is not responsible for email boxes that are full, spam filters, file-size restrictions, typographical errors in email addresses or any
other reason that would prevent an email from DTR that has an audio attachment from reaching any email address supplied by client.

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