Invisible Speakers 

AT-1  AU D I O   T R A N S D U C E R S

Like Nothing You've Ever Heard

Dynamic Sound Without Visible Speakers

Turns Any Flat Surface into a
"Booming" Invisible Speaker


Attaches to ANY  flat surface
Glass - Wood - Plastic - Metal - Drywall
Can Also Be Attached To "Some" Curved Surfaces

Rear View
Side View
Front View
Adhesive Pad and Sounding Plate
Hardware Components

The AT-1 Audio Transducer by Automated Advertising, Inc. may be used to transform objects such as windows, walls, doors, museum displays and A/C duct work into speakers. They can be used for voice, music or for sound masking using a white or pink noise generator. AT-1 Audio Transducers may be used in outdoor applications as they are completely sealed and waterresistant. Line transformers can also be used when multiple AT-1 Audio Transducers are used in a system.

Attach the AT-1 to the inside of museum audio displays which become Invisible Speakers
Keeps your audio "speakers" secure, hidden and vandalism free
Convert walls and ceilings into Invisible Speakers
Turn an entire room into an Invisible Speaker
Attach to ceilings (attic side) and walls (inside)
No unsightly speaker grills, no speaker cabinets, no holes in walls or ceilings or displays

An Invisible Distributed Sound System (museums, attractions, offices and workplaces)
An Invisible Whole-house Stereo System
An Invisible Home Theater System

20-20,000 Hz +/- 3dB (depends on resonance of mounting surface)
8 ohms
Maximum Power:
30 watts
Minimum Power:
1.5 Watts
2 lbs.
Your Cost:
$99.00       AT-1  with  Hardware Components Included
Your Cost:
$12.00       Optional Adhesive Pad and Sounding Plate
Your Cost:
$105.00    Complete (Save $6.00)

SOLID DRIVE:       Turns most solid surfaces into speakers

SolidDrive™ produces sound from solid surfaces by utilizing a compound called Terfenol-D, a combination of rare-earth and highly magnetic elements. Invented by the U.S. Navy twenty years ago, Terfenol-D was created to power the next generation of high-powered sonar equipment. Recent declassification of Terfenol-D brings its possibilities out of the water and into the audio world with the introduction of Induction Dynamics™ SolidDrive™

How does the SolidDrive™ work?
SolidDrive™ expands and contracts in a magnetized environment up to 20,000 times per second. This allows the SolidDrive™ to convert an audio signal into a powerful vibration that can be transferred into a solid material, evenly delivering sound from the entire surface. Surfaces the SolidDrive™ work with include: glass, drywall, granite, wood, laminate wood. Because the SolidDrive™ utilizes materials already existing in a room, it's ideal for installed home, commercial audio or a theater sound system.

Deliver sound to just about any stucture with no visible speakers or wiring
SolidDrive™ installs directly behind walls or in cabinets for a truly inside-wall speaker - turning the entire wall into a sound source. Sound is generated from these large acoustic-radiating surfaces and the listener becomes immersed in sound. The sound is omni directional at nearly all frequencies while channel separation is maintained.

SD1 for Drywall
· Walls
· Flat Ceilings
· Vaulted Ceilings
· Whole-Home Audio
· Home Theater

SD1sm for Wood
· Floors
· Paneling
· Cabinets
· Tables
· Center Islands

SD1G for Glass
· Windows
· Mirrors
· Table Tops
· Shower Stalls

SD1G for Fiberglass/Other Substrates
· Hot Tubs &  Showers Inserts
· Boats
· Laminates, Plexiglas and Plastics
· Wipe board & MDF

Highly efficient, compact and reliable
Efficiency is very import for inside-wall applications due to potential heat build up. The highly efficient SolidDrive™ answers this need with its ability to generate sound from an entire flat surface with very little power. In fact, the SolidDrive™ can generate sound from solid surfaces by utilizing only 5 to 15 watts.

The SolidDrive™ is compact and powerful allowing it to be used in new applications. Unlike conventional voice coil drives where panel flexibility is important, the SolidDrive™ excels when used in conjunction with rigid and semi-rigid surfaces. Traditional limitations such as placement, panel size and flexibility are no longer constraints.

The SolidDrive™ has no moving coils, cones or surrounds. This makes the SolidDrive™ extremely reliable to withstand abusive environments and maintain a long service life.

Distributed by Automated Advertising, Inc. (305) 216-2366

SolidDrive Sets Available:

Glass Mount SolidDrive Set
SolidDrive Desktop Unit
Fits in Your Hand
SolidDrive Desktop
Wall Mount
Glass Mount
Screw Mount

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