GPS Activated Tour-Guides

We can provide you with:

State-of-the-art PDA style walking and driving tours
State-of-the-art 12 VOLT Automated GPS  Robotic Tour-Guides
Tours Can Be Created  From Your Scripts or Ours
Nationally Recognized Professional Voice Talent Narrations
Mixed with Background Music Styles and Sound Effects of Your Choice

We can come to your site and set up your Complete Customized GPS Tour
GPS Tour-Guides and Audio Tours
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"Amphibious Tours"   of Historic Miami & Miami Beach, Florida
Features "TourBot™ " Robotic GPS Activated Tour Guides


Your 90 Minute Tour Includes :

a land tour of  - South Beach, Government Cut, Port of Miami
Fisher Island, Watson Island and Downtown Miami...

a water tour of  -  Palm, Hibuscus and Star Islands,
the Venetian Islands, Causeway and beautiful Biscayne Bay
Audio File Has Reduced Quality For Faster Streaming

Tour-Bot™ MP3 and
Tour-Bot™  ML "Multi-Language"
GPS Tour-Guides
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Miami Tour Company provides its own 3-3.5 hour GPS Guided Tour of Greater Miami
The ONLY Tour Company in Miami Offering GPS Audio Tours... in 5 Simultaneous Languages

Miami Tours en Español
La ÚNICA compañía que ofrece Miami tours con audio en Españo

Excursions de Miami en Français
Le SEUL organisateur de voyages offrant des excursions de Miami en Français.

Deutsch Touren von Miami

Tour Italiano di Miami
L'UNICO operatore turistico che offre visite audio della citta' di Miami in Italiano


Adobe Acrobat Document

Tour-Bot™ MP3
A Robotic
GPS Activated
Fully Automated
"Audio"Guided  Tour System
Combining Customized Guided Tours Using GPS Navigation
Perfect For Gererating Additional Revenue Through Local Spot Advertising

The Tour-Bot™ is a fully automated robotic GPS activated announcement system that easily mounts almost anywhere. It's rugged design  is vibration resistant and it has been designed to operate continuously for many years. It can be  easily installed in all types of vehicles including buses, trollies, boats and aboard aircraft, including helicopters and airplanes.

The Tour-Bot's™  CD  quality MP3  file narrations are stored on standard Compact Flash Cards.  The audio announcements are triggered by the included GPS receiver "mouse."  Your announcements play automatically as the Tour-Bot™ moves through GPS waypoints or geographical zones that you have pre-defined using our easy to use Tour-Bot™ Software!

The Tour-Bot™ can even recognize your direction of travel and will play the pre-programmed announcements accordingly. This permits you to travel the identical route in the opposite direction without activating the wrong announcement.

You can quickly update the Tour-Bot's™  announcements and GPS coordinates by replacing the Compact Flash Card or by using the optional Ethernet module.

The Tour-Bot™ does not have any moving parts and it takes advantage of state-of-the-art technology. A GPS "mouse" receiver continually updates the location of the vehicle/vessel/aircraft in five second increments. Activation parameters can be accurately set as close as 15 feet to any location. When the Tour-Bot™ finds a match in its memory for that location, it automatically plays the associated pre-recorded announcement. The waypoint parameters can also be quickly modified or enlarged so that you do not have to be within the exact waypoint for the message to be activated. Traffic detours can be  adjusted for using the Tour-Bot™  software on any laptop or PC.  The Tour-Bot™ does not need to follow a specific course, route, direction of travel, or follow a specific list or series of waypoints. It will still activate your announcements even if it enters your preset GPS waypoints in any randon order.

Easily Mounts in Cars, Buses, Taxis, Boats and  Aircraft
Audio and GPS Way-Points Stored on the CF Card
Portable Design Operates on 9-25 Volts DC
Rugged and Vibration Resistant Design
Uses Standard Compact Flash Cards
CD Quality Audio Output
Built-in Scheduler
Real Time Clock
Compact Size
Parallel Control
Serial Control
Compact Size
Made in USA
Balanced Audio   

Tour-Bot™  Uses Standard  CompactFlash Cards
Tour-Bot™  Uses SIRF-III GPS Recever/Mouse

Tour-Bot™  Tolerance can be set by speed as well
as a preset circular distance from the GPS waypoint.

Tour-Bot™ GPS Harness Kit Interface



Tour-Bot™ ML
A Multi-Language
Robotic GPS Activated
Fully Automated
"Audio"Guided  Tour System
Capable of broadcasting in 8 languages simultaneously

The Tour-Bot™ ML connects to the the Tour-Bot™  MP3 allowing you to add up to eight additional and independent stereo tracks from a single, economical rack-mount unit. When a GPS waypoint is reached up to (9) nine different languages can be played simultaneously.

Tour-Bot™ ML offers the latest in Digital Audio Repeater technology, combining MP3 audio with CompactFlash Cards for a rugged, reliable and maintenance-free solution to your playback needs. Access time is nearly instantaneous! All eight tracks are completely independent and can be played/activated simultaneously, and offer superb audio quality.


8 Independent Stereo Audio Channels
High-quality MP3 Audio Format
Compact Flash Media Included
YOUR COST: From $3,495.00


How Does the Voyager Series Robotic GPS Tour Guide System work?

The Voyager Robotic GPS Tour Guide is a system that monitors the real time position and direction of any moving object (tour bus, tour boat, cable car, helicopter, train, etc) by means of satellite communication.

By using GPS (Global Positioning System) technology the Voyager Robotic GPS Tour Guide plays pre-recorded audio announcements when it enters the immediate predefined proximity of a Point of Interest.

The Voyager Robotic GPS Tour Guide therefore acts as an Automated "Tour Guide" communicating interesting facts, history, advertisements and/or safety information in single or multiple languages when predetermined positions on the route are reached.

The Voyager Robotic GPS Tour Guide operates in any random order and it does not have to follow any specific route to activate the appropriate announcement.

The route that the vehicle/vessel/aircraft takes can hold many Points of Interest with matching audio announcements for each.

The system can effectively be customized for any object that can be in motion; therefore it can be installed on tour boats, cable cars, helicopters, trains, etc.

Voyager Robotic GPS Tour Guide's Standard Features:

Safety information can be played routinely when the moving object reaches safety concerned areas.

The Voyager Robotic GPS Tour Guide can be customized to communicate with passengers in multiple languages.

Advertising information can be communicated between points of interest.

The Voyager Robotic GPS Tour Guide can be customized for any business, making it an affordable and flexible system for any requirement.

Announcements are stored on a removable memory cards in MP3 or u-law formats with the capacity for many hundreds of (POI)  Points of Interest.


COMING SOON... (November '08)
The Voyager Walk-About

GPS activated PDA style audio tour guides with graphic display



3.5" transreflective TFT
 240 x 320 QVGA with 65,536 colors
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, IrDA
 RS232 serial, USB client, USB host (limited)
Ultra sensitive 20-channel SiRFStarIII, WAAS capable
Acquisition times:

Cold start:

45 sec
Warm start:
38 sec
Hot start:
8 sec
0.1 sec
Position update:
1 Hz
Accuracy: Position:
<15 m 95% typical, SA off.
Minimum Velocity:
0.05 m/sec
Built-in microphone and speaker Earphone connector
Now Available...

The Voyager XD Robotic GPS Tour Guide combines a self-contained commercial grade audio player, a sophisticated computer program playlist, with an integrated GPS antenna. The Voyager XD automatically plays audio files based upon its proximity to specific locations or Points of Interest (POI). Each POI location is separately programmed by latitude, longitude and preset activation radius coordinates. The Voyager XD is extremely flexible in the way its audio files can be configured through its pre-programmable computerized playlist options.

Instructions in the form of automated playlists and the associated audio files are created in our studio which are then transferred and stored on the Voyager's media/memory card. The Voyager XD utilizes an XD to Smart Media Card Adapter (Max 128Mb) and stores audio in the industrial grade u-Law format, permitting the excellent audio quality of a WAV file at a substantially reduced file size similar to an MP3.

Applications for this product include limited city bus routes, short bus tours, boat tours, helicopter or plane tours, tram rides and self-guided automobile tours, etc. Using our proprietary software, we can also configure the Voyager XD to provide driving directions for self-guided tours. An example of this is once the vehicle is within a specified radius of the POI to be viewed, it will automatically play the appropriate prerecorded message describing the POI, or describing, the next turn to take and any appropriate driving directions. Additionally, location based advertisements can be interspersed to provide an additional revenue stream, playing ads that are relevant to the device's current location.

The Playlist:
The Voyager XD's internal playlist file is stored on the memory card and can be easily and quickly changed by replacing the media card. The playlist program permits the Voyager XD to determine exactly which audio file is associated with each POI.

A circular zone is defined by programming specific latitude, longitude, and the activation radius. The file that corresponds to the predefined zone will only be played when the Voyager XD is inside the specified zone. The audio file can be set to (1) repeat continuously as long as the Voyager XD remains inside the zone, or (2) it can be set to play only once each time the zone is entered, or (3) it can be set to play only once, even if the Voyager XD leaves the zone and re-enters the specified zone again later. This is valuable if your tour follows the same roadway and passes near preset POIs while driving in the opposite direction. Note: Once a file has started playing, it will continue to play even after the unit has exited the specified zone.

There are only two buttons on the front of the Voyager XD. The left button is Skip/Repeat, and the right button is Start/Stop. If the Skip/Repeat button is pressed while an audio file is playing, that audio file will immediately stop playing and the Voyager XD will pause and wait for the next POI input command to be processed. The Voyager XD will act exactly as if it had reached the end of the prematurely halted audio file normally.   If the Skip/Repeat button is pushed while no file is playing, the Voyager will "re-enable" all files inside that zone that have already played and would not otherwise play again unless you left and re-entered the current zone. Pressing the Start/Stop button will stop any audio file that is currently playing and it prevents the Voyager XD from playing any more audio files. The Voyager XD will remain “stopped” until the start/stop button is pressed again or the power is cycled.

The Voyager XD Robotic GPS Tour Guide operates on 10 - 30 VDC power input with only 200 mA current draw. This is ideal for in-vehicle applications where 12 or 24 VDC is available and can be ordered with a cigarette style power cord. An optional AC adaptor is also available. Audio output is available at 8 ohms (to drive a small speaker directly) or 600 ohms impedance (suitable for input to an external audio amplifier or PA system). An external speaker can also be connected to the Voyager XD's (3) Watt audio output jack or an FM transmitter can be used to enable reception on a vehicle's FM radio.    NOTE: The Voyager XD will usually require an audio amplifier to power the overhead speakers of a tour bus.

Background Audio:
A background music input jack is also provided standard on the Voyager XD. This allows music or other audio sources to be played when the Voyager XD is silent. When the Voyager XD triggers an audio message, the built-in digital volume controller will fade the background audio/music down and then it will play the selected message. After the message has finished playing, the background music will fade back up to its previous level and will resume playing. The (4) second fade in/fade out effect is a very gentle transition from background audio to message, and back again.

Multiple Units / Multiple Languages:
A Voyager XD Robotic GPS Tour Guide can also be configured as a Master Unit. A proprietary cable is used to connect the Master Voyager to any number of Voyager Slave units. Each Voyager XD Slave can store its own independent playlist and audio files in a different language. The Master Voyager XD unit sends simultaneous GPS position changes to each Voyager XD Slave unit. Practical uses for this include multiple language systems to connect with multiplexed hardwired headphone systems, and, wireless Bluetooth, RF or infrared modules.

Audio Capacity
The Voyager XD Robotic GPS Tour Guide has a maximum memory capacity of 128 Mb on its Smart Media Card.  It requires files in the Micro-Law wav. format at 64 kbps.  Therefore, this unit's storage capacity is not capable of handling large tours. It is more capable of small tours and uses such as parking lot trams at  tourist attractions.

Lease Information
Please contact us for lease information.



Tour-Bot™  VIDEO
A Robotic
GPS Activated
Fully Automated
Guided Audio/Video Tour System
Combining Customized Guided Tours Using GPS Navigation
Perfect For Gererating Revenue Through Advertising



Plays High Bitrate MPEG-2 Video from Compact Flash Card
Real Time Clock Scheduler and Playlists
Serial or Parallel Control
Video Frame Search
GPS Input

The Tour-Bot™  Video is a fully automated robotic GPS activated video announcement system that easily mounts almost anywhere. It's rugged design  is vibration resistant and it has been designed to operate continuously for many years. It can be  easily installed in all types of vehicles including buses, boats and aboard aircraft, including helicopters and airplanes.

The Tour-Bot™ Video can even recognize your direction of travel and will play the pre-programmed announcements accordingly. This permits you to travel the identical route in the opposite direction without activating the wrong announcement.

You can quickly update the Tour-Bot™  Video's announcements and GPS coordinates by replacing the Compact Flash Card or by using the optional Ethernet module.

The Tour-Bot™ Video MPEG Player is a studio quality MPEG-2 player with all the interfaces AV contractors need for professional installations.

The Tour-Bot™ Video MPEG Player stores its videos on Compact Flash cards, so playback is virtually instantaneous. You can copy clips to the media or transfer them using the Ethernet option.

Clips may be triggered using external contacts or pushbuttons, serial RS-232 messages, Ethernet, playlists or the built-in real time scheduler. The unit can also simply loop continuously when powered.

The Tour-Bot™ Video MPEG Player is also a terrific player for GPS-triggered transportation applications. When connected to a GPS receiver , the Tour-Bot™ Video MPEG Player steps through cues automatically as it moves through user-defined geographical zones! It fits almost anywhere, from dashboards to racks, and it even works in high vibration environments, such as attraction ride vehicles! Power it with a 12V battery, vehicle power, or the included AC adapter.

 RCA Phono Connector
Video Format
MPEG-2 (ISO 13818 MP@ML)
Max Bit Rate
15 Mbps maximum
Video Output
NTSC at 30fps, or PAL at 25fps
Interlaced Video Resolution
704x480 NTSC; 704x576 PAL
Aspect Ratios
4:3 or 16:9
CompactFlash (included; contact us for current size)
Playback Time
About 15 minutes per GB at 8Mbps (better than DVD quality)
Stereo Unbalanced RCA Phono Connectors
DAC Resolution
16 Bits
Total Harmonic Distortion
Dynamic Range
(A-weighted) 94dB
Frequency Response
10 to 20 Khz +/-0.1 dB
Line Output Level
Unbalanced 4.07V p-p max into 20K (volume control adjustable)
Line Output Load
10K Ohm Minimum, 100pF Maximum
CompactFlash (included; contact us for current size)
Audio Format
 MPEG1-Layer 2   AC3 5.1 surround sound (B, D and P options)  
9VDC to 26VDC 1.5 A max (3.0A max with amplifer option)
Power Connector
Barrel connector (2.5 mm x 5.5 mm x 10 mm)
7"W x 7"D x 1.5"H (17.75 cm W x 17.75 cm D x  4.45cm H)
4 lbs. (1.8 Kg)
Operating Temperature
0°C (32°F) to 60°C (140°F), free air circulation
Operating Environment
0-90% relative humidity, non-condensing
20 g max Vibration
AC Adapter
Specify 110 - 120 VAC 60Hz or  220 - 240 VAC 50Hz
DB-37F parallel inputs select clips, stop, resume, still and loop.
Contact closure or voltage inputs
DB-9M RS-232, 9600 N,8,1
Real Time Clock
Triggers files or playlists by day, date, time of day
UDP control (see option E)  
Response Time
Less than 33 msec.
Front panel test button
Front panel bi-color LED
Ground lift, contact/voltage control, GPS Enable, Write Protect,
NTSC/PAL, Reset Defaults  
Audio Volume Control
NMEA 0183 compatible protocol on RS-232 input  
Call for Lease Terms




November 2008

A waterproof GPS Activated Tour Guide


COMING ...   


A Rechargable "Personal" GPS Tour-Guide System

  Voyager-Mini Multi-Charger


Internal rechargeable battery pack
Runs up to 8 hours per charge
Up to 2-Gbytes internal flash memory (for positional database and audio content)
8 hours of audio per 64MB memory (up to 250 hours possible)
Weight 0.5 Pounds
Belt clip available
Dimensions 3.7 x 2.5 x 1 inches
External volume control
Uses Standard Audio Headphones
Last audio message repeat button
3 LED status indicator (power, active, valid satellite lock/data)

*** 12V model for automotive use is available
Dimensions 6 x 3.5 x 2 inches
Weight 1 Pound

Developers are hard at work creating our new Voyager-Mini  personal GPS activated robotic tour-guide.  Imagine a fully automated tour guide small enough to carry as you walk around the town. The Voyager-Mini GPS Tour-Guide knows exactly where you are and it will always play the relevant audio tracks relating to your exact location.  Add to that a real time clock and when the user is near restaurants at lunch time they can be offered advertisements for specials at participating locations.


COMING SOON... (November '08)

GPS Mobile Theatre

PCB Dimension
100mm x 100mm.
ARM920T Samsung S3C2440A 300MHz or 400MHz
ROM: 32MB NAND Flash.
Stereo External Speaker.
Software volume control
Supports NTSC, NTSC-J, and PAL (B, D, G, H,I, M and N) TV formats.
Software NTSC/PAL control

Notifications Indicator
(1). Red-color LEDs for power
Remote Control IR
Carrier Frequency 38kHz
Card Slot
SD/MMC Slot. (can support to 2G)
Power Source
9V ~ 30V @1A DC-IN

Microsoft Windows CE 4.2
Remote Control define
24 keys
Language Support

GPS Tour Guide
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