Missed Opportunities…

Have you been losing an  opportunity to connect with your drive-thru customers?

How can you reach out to your valuable clients as they sit waiting in their automobiles?

Drive-Thru Wait Times…

How long do your customers wait in your Drive-Thru?

10 Minutes…
15 Minutes…
20 Minutes...

What are they doing?

Talking on the Cell Phone?
Listening to the Radio?
Sitting there bored?

They Should Be Listening To DriveThruRadio.com

Benefits of  DriveThruRadio™

Provides Radio Advertising Without the High Cost…  24 Hours A Day.
Reinforces Your Current Local and National Advertising Campaigns.
Increases Your Sales Through A Cross/Multi-Media Approach.
Saves Time for Both Your Employees and Customers.
Operates 24 Hours a Day for Maximum Impact.
Keeps Customers Interested and  Occupied.
Reduces Your Customers Perceived Waits.
Generates Continuous Leads and Sales.
Increases Market Share and Profits.
Answers Many Routine Questions.
Creates a  Competitive Advantage.

Reach Your Customers
                                                they reach your Drive-Thru window…

With your own private FCC approved on-site radio station, clients waiting
in your drive-thru lanes can tune to…

Your Private FM Radio Station for information about…

Your Newest Services
Current Promotions
New Product Information
Special Unadvertised "Radio Only” Discounts

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